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Monday Fun Day?

I have NEVER thought Mondays were ever fun... oh, except those special Mondays like Martin Luther King Day or President's Day. Yea, pretty much the Mondays that we have off. Ha! I do love my job, but we all know how Mondays are. So much to do... SO little time. Not today though. Today was a great day! Not only were my kids well behaved, but they are finally getting the routine down which means that we can move a little faster in class. Today the kids did not go out for lunch recess due to inclement weather. BOY! Was it hot!  It was muggy and felt more like we lived in Florida. Sorry Floridians...but when you live in So Cal, that is NOT the weather you expect. When we came in from lunch, the kids needed to get some energy out since they did not get to play. So we did our first of the year dance party! I put on some Kidz Bop and we just got all our little wiggles out of our bodies. I would have some pictures to show you but instead I videotaped and forgot to take pictures! Sorry. It was fun and I realized real quick who had older siblings just by the way they danced....uh hum...if you know what I mean. Lol.

Another thing that we did that the kids really enjoyed was my sentence muncher activity from my Houghton Mifflin Second Grade Resources pack. This unit is FILLED with common core, things that you can use for Daily 5/literacy centers, and Thinking Maps activities! It's over 250 pages for just theme 1 alone! Last week, I taught what a sentence was. Today we got to review it in a fun way. Since this skill was taught in our first story Dragon Gets By I created these little dragons to be sentence munchers.

I had a sheet of sentences/non sentences that the students had to cut out. Look at this sweet girl. She had all her trash and sentences separated in neat little piles. :)

Once they got all the sentences cut out, they worked together to figure out if they were sentences or not.

Then it was FEEDING TIME! :) Each dragon was labeled with a sentence or not a sentence.

Students took turns feeding the correct sentence strips to the appropriate dragons.

After they were done, they took the paper bag dragons off and these little tins were inside each dragon to catch each sentence strip.

 They checked their answers with the answer key that was glued on the back of each dragon.

Then, they took their sentence strips out of the tin and glued them onto the recording sheet.  They filled their plates with good sentences and threw the sentence fragments in the "trash". They LOVED this!

Their worksheet after it was all said and done....


My students had SO much fun with this activity because it wasn't the usual paper and pencil worksheet. You know what?? I *think* I even caught some of them smiling as the learned about sentences (which can usually be boring). Imagine that.... students smiling and enjoying the learning process.... :)

Have a great day friends and I hope that we can all make learning fun for our little ones!:)

Angela Linzay


  1. What a neat activity! All I can think is "How could I use this with 5th graders?" My class is VERY ESOL and this kind of this would be great.
    The E-Z Class

    1. Hello Erin. Thanks for stopping by. I could totally see you using this for other grade levels. You can use this to teach so many different skills where they have to sort. Just make 2 puppets for spelling patterns or whatever and you can have them separate them. Have a great school year! :)

  2. I Question your answer key, #8 is not a sentence. To Go is an infinitive, so it isn't a verb.