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Five For Friday

Hello Friends!

Today is Friday and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five For Friday Linky Party! I love being a part of this party because it makes me slow down and reflect on the happy things that happened this week. Plus, I get a snapshot of all my favorite bloggers' week. I'm such a stalker big fan of them and have been so inspired by their creativity and enthusiasm for teaching.

1. I got nominated for the Liebster award!!! This award is given to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers. Since I haven't had my blog for very long, I fit perfectly into this category and was SUPER excited when I was nominated by Ramblings of a Happy Teacher. I love this award because I've been able to check out other smaller blogs while looking to pass on this award to another teacher. I've found SO many great blogs that I might not have found because I stick to my usual "big bloggers". I've found that these teachers from smaller blogs are AMAZING and are doing some pretty wonderful things in their classrooms.

2. This week was my sweet baby girl's 3rd birthday! She has taught me many things, especially humility. Ya see, I raised 2 wonderful boys who are well behaved, obedient, and agreeable.  Right when I thought that I had it all together.... then came my #3.... AND it was a girl! While I LOVE LOVE having a girl, she is SO different from my boys. She is feisty, disagreeable, drama, Miss Independent, you name it. My hubby told me that having a little girl explains A LOT to him why I  I mean.. uh hum.. girls act the way that they do.  Some question nature vs nurture in the way kids behave....NOT her. Seriously, she was just born this way. While she can be a little ornery at times, she still has my heart and I LOVE LOVE that I have a little girl!

Seriously! How does SO much cuteness get into such a little body??!!!
 3.  My church is a host site for a leadership conference every year. It's called The Global Leadership Summit. Although it's hosted at different churches, not all speakers are Christians. I got to hear some AMAZING leadership principles from leaders of all kinds of background.  Here are just 2 of them:

This is Mark Burnett. He is the executive producers for hit shows like The Voice, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor, The Bible Series, etc.  He was amazing and had some great leadership tips. 

Colin Powell was absolutely inspirational!!!! He was amazing and IS an amazing leader!!!

4. This week I introduced the Daily 5 into my classroom. Last year was my first year doing it and I LOVED it!! Now, I'm starting over again with this year's group and it makes me miss my last year's group SO much! I'm sure you all know how it is. This group is tough and I know that they will get there, but it's gonna take some... A LOT of work. They actually did REALLY well for their first round of Read to Self. It took us a couple of rounds of practicing, but we made it to 3 mins!! I was so proud of them!

5. We are camping with our friends as I speak. This is our last camping trip before the kids start school. I LOVE our little camping group. We are at a beach called Bolsa Chica and are just steps away from the sand. We've been camping with this group of friends for over 6 years! Our kids have grown up together and just play well with each other. Camping with each other is something our families look forward to every summer.

This is the view from the steps from our RV. So close to the beach!!!

Movie time in our RV with the kids

Feeding time!

Friends since birth

That's a snapshot of my week. Hope yours was just as wonderful. And for those who have not started back at work, enjoy squeeeezing out the last bit of summer. :)

Thanks for reading, Friends.