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Five for Friday

Hello Friends.

I love Fridays because not only is it my hubby's day off of work, but I love joining in with Doodle Bugs and her linky party. I had a wonderful week this week with lots of fun things planned.

1. This past Saturday (ok, am I breaking the rules talking about LAST Saturday????)  my sister planned a surprise birthday party for her husband. They live in beautiful San Diego, CA.  She booked a place right on the beach and rented out the whole restaurant patio. This was our view:

We had a table by ourselves while the kids sat with their cousins. It was the perfect set up... until the kids started melting down. They were hungry and tired (we did just get back from a camping trip earlier THAT DAY).... BUT that is just NO excuse to ruin a perfectly PERFECT dinner with a gorgeous view that was FREE for your parents.  Ha! Sheeesh! Kids these days. :)

2.On Monday, my husband sent me to get a massage and have dinner with his mother for her birthday. He did not have to ask me twice. I blurted our "Yes!" when I heard the words "massage" and "dinner". Plus, I love my mother in law so it was just a bonus. We had so much fun chatting and just hanging out. I would post pictures, but I have none because we looked like a mess after our massage, and really... I was just having too much fun to think about documenting.

3. On Tuesday,  my mother in law took our 3 kids overnight (I told you, she's AWESOME!) and my hubby and I got a much needed date night. I actually had a really rough day at work that day. Kids were chatty and I was tired. I felt like that day I was doing a lot of talking and not enough teaching. Boy, I was exhausted! The only thing that helped me through the day was the thought of a date night with my guy at my favorite sushi place.

Love me some wasabi!!

The waitress was surprised that I was able to finish off my whole plate! Love yakisoba!

4. On Wednesday, my students did AMAZING! They must have felt bad for their poor teacher or something because they were right on target! I was so impressed by them and just plain proud of how well they were doing in class.  Later on that night, I also had my girls over again for another Shutterfly night. I forgot to take pictures (sorry) but we had lots of fun. Girls brought their computers and worked on making their photobooks online. We had yummy snacks and just talked.

5. This brings us to today.  Today is our Friday Family Fun Day!  Since my hubby Greg is a pastor, his only day off is Friday (we have Saturday and Sunday services). In the summer time, we take FULL advantage of the kids not being in school on Greg's day off. Today we went to the beach for one last Family Fun Day before the kids start school next week. Love beach days!

Sorry for the blurred picture but this is my hubby teaching our Little Miss K how to ride a boogie board. BEST. HUSBAND. EVAH. :)

My boys! LOVE!!!!

Little Miss K!

Aaaaaannnnd, this one had NOTHING to do with the beach but just had to throw it in because it made this mama's heart sing! My sweet 6 yr old had a "surprise" for me in the garage. When I went in, I saw this!! SO SWEET!!! Not only did it melt my mama heart but it also made my teaching heart happy!! Correct spelling and everything! Oh yea... and for an added bonus??? Complete with the correct punctuation. :)  In the words of my sweet Joshie "I love you.... Bam!" :)
 Be still my heart!!!

That's it friends. Hope your week is full of fun!


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