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Five For Friday and A New Product!

YAY!!! I'm so happy to be linking back up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday. I've missed blog hopping and reading about all the week's happenings of some of my favorite bloggers. So, here we go....

1. I started school this week. I blogged about it here in my previous post. I do have a tough group this year.... it's actually just a tough group across the board. In fact, we second grade teachers have had our eyes on this group 2 yrs ago when they were just wee little kindergarteners. Oh boy, the were tough back then and we prayed... we PRAYED that the kinder teachers would work some magic. Well, they tried but this group resisted. Then we prayed for our first grade teachers to work THEIR magic. But to no avail, this group of kids still struggled in every way. And seriously... I honestly think that we have the BEST kinder and first grade teachers around! I mean, if they couldn't even turn them around then we knew that we had our work cut out for us this year. Just thinking out loud here... but WHAT the heck was in the water 6-7 years ago???!!! I'm just sayin'. Well, tonight I just got an email from my team teacher that these past 2 days (Thurs and Fri) were TOUGH! In the first week of school, we really spent A LOT of time going over procedures like CRAZY and they were still not getting it.  Kids not lining up, getting out of their seats, talking, etc.  My poor partner said that she felt like crying! Oh no! I wonder what would happen if I just didn't show up got sick on Monday? I'm thinking that Monday will require some extra coffee with 10 shots of espresso and some extra EXTRA practice of procedures.

2. Since we started school on Wednesday and I work Mon-Wed, I only worked one glorious day this week. :) We did have a good first day. We did some fun activities that I already blogged about but will give you the short version here. My favorite thing that we did on the first day of school was my time capsule activity. Here are some pictures from it.

They filled out their favorites at the beginning of the year and will fill it out again at the end. Last year, it was so fun to hear my students compare their choices from the first day to the last day of school!

 I went around and measured each student with a piece of yarn and then put each student's yarn in a ziplock with their name on it and tucked it away in an envelope until the end of the year. Btw, YES...... I am wearing my fuzzy black slippers. My poor feet were not used to wearing heels all day because of summer.  

At the end of the year, students measure their yarn and write down how many inches tall they were and then measure their current height. I attach the ziplock on this page. 

You can read more about this activity on my post here.

3. Our church was a host site for the Global Leadership Conference. I served at it and then got to go for FREE... and you know that free is ALWAYS the right price! This is the second year that I've gone and I always walk away feeling inspired. It's not just Christian leaders speaking, but all kinds of high level leaders. Here are some..
 This is Mark Burnett. He is the executive producer of The Voice, Survivor, The Bible Mini Series, Shark Tank, and many others. He totally impressed me! 

Colin Powell was AWESOME!!! Loved listening to his take on leadership!

4. Last Sunday, my Roman's Project group met for dinner. This group is basically made up of 11 ladies who some have never met each other before. What we do have in common is our journey through memorizing chapters of the bible together. We are spending this year memorizing Romans Chapter 1,8, and 12. We just finished chapter 1 and went to dinner to celebrate this big accomplishment! 

5. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate my mother in laws birthday at my old workplace. I was a rollerskating waitress at a 50's diner before I began teaching. It was so fun and I have not been back for years! I'm excited to go back and bring my kids there. I think that there might still be pictures of little ole' me in my 50's carhop outfit hanging on the walls. We shall see tomorrow.  You can check out the cute little restaurant here.

Now for my new product!

I'm finally done with another one of my TPT units!  YIPPEEE!!!! This is a reading comprehension unit with thinking maps and Daily 5 activities. There are TONS of activities in this unit that I've used in my class for years but finally got around to making it cutesy. Some of these files are editable so that you can adjust them to the needs of your classroom. There is even a Daily 5 Suggestion page filled with activities from my unit. If you have never heard of Daily 5 or are thinking about implementing it in your class.... you really need to just DO IT! I LOVE it and so do my students! 

Worksheets are common core aligned and standards are written on the appropriate pages. There are some card games that are also editable. I encourage you to download the preview and see this great resource (ok, I *may* be a little biased) that can be used in your classroom!

One of my six original comprehension strategy chant posters

This is an ADORABLE activity that helps students work with what a sentence is. 
They feed these dragons sentences and sentence fragments. So fun!

If you would like to see more previews you can visit my TPT store here.

That's my week, friends.  Can't wait to blog hop and see what the other teachers have been up to. Thanks for reading!


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