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Are You Back to School Ready?

Welcome Back to School! This post is definitely a bit different from last year's Back to School season. This year students will be back with some varying restrictions depending on where you live. Either way, can we just celebrate that kids are going to be able to be on campus again? Studies have shown that they definitely need it and were missing that interaction. 

Soooo...are you ready? 

I rounded up some EASY PEASY resources that will help you get ready for the school year since you already have a lot to think about.

1. First Day of School Sign

Everybody has got to have a First Day of School sign! This is something that we do every year. We really enjoy looking back at these signs and seeing what we looked like and how much each child has changed. Plus, aren't they the cutest???!! 

If you don't have a First Day sign, you can grab it HERE. If you don't have time, no worries! I can create a custom one for you HERE

Look at my baby a few years ago!!!  

I had been getting LOTS of requests for a teacher sign, so I created one for us! We can have fun, too!!

2. Memory Book / Time Capsule

A lot has happened in the past year and even this summer. Let's have our kiddos document these things and then tuck them away for the end of the year when they revisit their memory book again.  My kiddos LOVED looking back and seeing how much they had grown (physically, academically, interests, etc) in just a year! It's a time capsule that you do in the beginning of the year. I then collect them all and like I mentioned, I safely tuck them away until the end of the year. When I pull them out again, I always get many oooos and ahhhhs as students look through what they wrote on the first day of school. 

If you don't have some sort of memory book that compares the school year, you can grab one here:

3. Back to School Essentials Pack

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for a deal. If you don't have resources like these to help you start your school year, I'd love for you to check these out. I pulled together 8 of my favorite EASY school starters. Maybe they can help you, too. You can grab them HERE.

4. Monthly Writing Prompts

I love using writing prompts to build classroom community and student creativity. I would have my students share what they wrote in response to the prompt. They LOVED reading what their classmates wrote. Switching journals was one of their favorite activities. We also did timed competitions where they would need to list certain items from topics that I would give them (list of adjectives, candies, words that begin with L,etc). We would even have silly prompts (Would You Rather?). It was just a FUN time of laughing and sharing. Can you imagine a whole class enjoying journal/quick write time? I'm here to tell you that it CAN be done!

If you are interested in my monthly writing prompts, you can grab them HERE.  

This resource was created to have the same routine every week so that kids know what to expect. You of course are the teacher and can change it up however you'd like though. :)

Day 1 – Finish the sentence (prompt)

Day 2 – Would you rather….?

Day 3 – Make a list (competition)

Day 4 – Quick Write (one word for 2-3 mins)

Day 5 – Would you rather…?

5. Decision Wheel / Digital Spinners

I don't know if you've ever used a spinner before but talk about engagement!!! I know that I love spinning those prize wheels and the anticipation of seeing where it lands is just plain exciting. So why not use these wheels for prizes, competitions, games, and for ditching those equity sticks? If you've never tried them, you must. It is such a great engagement tool. 

Check out the one I use

This is what it looks like inside:


I had created the spinner BEFORE the pandemic to be used in PowerPoint. When the pandemic hit and most schools went to remote learning, I added a component to this resource so that it could be used in Google Slides to help teachers who had already purchased my product. It's a web-based program that you could integrate into the templates that I created. The price of the resource stayed the same because I did not feel that I could charge more for a free web-based program that was added later. Just wanted you to know that the price is reflective of the PowerPoint resource and NOT the free web-based program. :)

Soooo, I'm thinking if you have resources similar to these, you are in good hands to start the year off nicely. Whatever the restrictions are this year for your school, I know that your kiddos are just happy to be back seeing their friends and seeing YOU! You've got this my friend!I believe in YOU!