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Flip Flop Your Sit Spots!

Hello Friends!

Thanks for hopping over from our blog hop! So glad that you're stopping by.

I am so excited to be teaming up with 6 amazing teacher bloggers to share with you some fun and creative ways to use SitSpots.

I've seen so many great ideas so far with these SitSpots....using them to line up, sitting in a special spot, learning sight words, etc. These are all fantastic in a classroom setting (and I wish I would have found SitSpots last year when I was in the classroom), BUT this year, I am homeschooling and have a class size of....2. Juuuust two. I don't need a special spot for my boys to sit or for them to know where to line up, so I wanted to come up with an idea that would fit our needs.

Then it hit me! I came up with a REALLY fun (says my kids) idea that would not only work for us but for ANY classroom.

Yup! I flipped them!

Let me explain.

My boys love to throw things and so as I sat there looking at these cute little spots, I flipped them around and felt the prickly velcro and loved the idea of them sticking to a material. Wait. Velcro sticks. Then, in a moment of genius (VERY few and far between), I said proudly in my head, "I will make something to throw at these little dots so it can stick.....because VELCRO STICKS!!!!" (Pretty sure the voice even echoed).  I know. Genius, right?. Ha!

Then just as quick as my "moment of genius" came, my "moment of reality" set in when I realized that I don't have time to create a ball light enough to stick but heavy enough to fly through the air, and THEN sew it.  It's the same feeling I have when I pin all these cute and creative things on Pinterest then realize that I would never have the time nor the talent to actually follow through with all my wonderful beautiful virtual crafts and decor. Preaching to the choir here?

So, I came up with this.....




Isn't she beautiful? Or maybe I just need to get out more.

Here is what I used....

Can I tell you the hair bun donut thingy was another moment of genius for me??? Good thing too, because I was really overdue with these special moments.

The masking tape idea was birthed out of how do I say "can't spend any more money"  .....cheapness frugalness <----  that's much better.  There are some SitSpots that I will be using a Sharpie on, but I wanted to reuse some of these SitSpots for those skills that I didn't need to review all the time. Frugalness is next to godliness, right? Or was that cleanliness?? Whatever.

Next was to test this review games with my boys. It was truly a match made in heaven. They like to throw things and competition motivates them.

First game.... Memory Work Review (science, math, history, geography, and grammar)

I laid the cards out

Each subject card was represented by a number. They spun....Science it is!
Isaac answers correctly and now throws to see how many points he will get...

He gets 100 points and celebrates!

It's now Joshua's turn...

He missed 100 points and got 5 points instead.

If you don't want to use a spinner, here is another variation of the review game with different subjects. Kids throw to see which subject card they will answer for a point.

This game was seriously a hit! They had so much fun and so I thought of other review games that can be played with this.

Here, we were working on reviewing our x6 math facts. Pick a flashcard (6x8) and throw it at the answer.

Child picks a card with a word and needs to figure out what part of speech it is.

So... we gotta talk about how to stick these SitSpots on the wall. I originally used packaging tape. I think my tape was old because it wasn't sticking very well so I ended up using tacks.... which I kept moving around due to my poor planning, which left lots of little holes, which my hubby was sure to love. It's all for the kids anyways, right?? :/

Packaging tape or masking tape would work just fine on the wall or even your white board. If you have a bulletin board that you can use for the game, I would totally use the tacks. :)

Here is a little peak into our game. I love how excited my boys are!

This is Isaac, my oldest, my 5th grader, my fierce competitor.

Next up is Joshua, my middle child, my 3rd grader, my quiet leader (but not so quiet here).

Now for the good.... GREAT news!!

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BUT before you do that, I have another real treat for you. My friend Sandy from Soaring Through Second  is full of amazing ideas! Check out how she uses her SitSpots as she travels from classroom to classroom.

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May the odds be ever in your favor.

Have a great day, Friends!