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Five for Friday

Happy day after Thanksgiving Friends!!!

Today will be a super short post since I am out of town and get spotty reception.

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and every year around this time, I begin to get real sad. Not to put a damper on things, but I really REALLY love this time of year and everything just flies by soooo quickly after Thanksgiving. My friends joke all the time with me and tell me that I never really get to enjoy this season because I'm too busy worried that it will be over soon. It's like those sleepless nights when you know you only have 5 hrs of sleep, 4 hrs, 3 hrs, OH NO... now only 2 hrs of sleep left before that alarm clock goes off!   That's how it usually is for me. BUT THIS year I'm trying to sloooow things down and be in the moment. I'm currently listening to Christmas music without trying to feel stressed that I have nothing done for Christmas.

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday Linky Party.

Every Thanksgiving we visit my husband's family up in Northern CA. We LOVE coming here because life is slow here and we seem to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They live out in the country and are the MOST hospitable people ever! This year, they had 30 people over for dinner! It was a fun mix of boys and girls. My boys were super excited to see their boy cousins so that they could get down and dirty and be ALL boys! This week consisted of shooting bb guns, dirt bike riding, quad riding, digging a HUGE dirt hole, having a dirt fight, and many other fun boy activities that include getting dirt in your ears and every other crevasse in your body.

This weekend was our first time ever sleeping in the Walmart parking lot! We had a long drive home from up north and my hubby was getting really tired. And well, since I cannot pull our trailer (total length of car and trailer = 60 ft!), we had to pull over and sleep somewhere for the night. The beauty of Walmart is that they allow RVs to camp overnight in their parking lot. We did and in the morning, I walked myself in the store, bad breath, pjs, and bed head and all, and ordered some coffee and breakfast in their McDonald's. I would not at all be surprised if I showed up in some "This is what you see at Walmart"  website that goes viral. I was QUITE.A.SIGHT! I really wish I would have snapped a quick pic of myself, but I didn't.

About 2 weeks ago, I received this horrible email from TPT saying that some of my products broke some copyright rules. I was shocked! Everything I created was my original work. I contacted them and found out that you are not allowed to have the words "Daily 5" on your title page. After frantically trying to change my product name, answering emails, revising, sending out the updated resources to those who paid for it but no longer had access to it (TPT pulled those units off the site), I was able to get everything back in working order. I contacted the 2 Sisters (creators of the Daily 5) and spoke with the actual copyright rep who dinged me for my products and told her what exactly were in my resources. SHE.WAS.AWESOME!  She understood that I wasn't trying to imply that my products were endorsed by the Daily 5 and thanked me for contacting her to clarify my resources/intentions. She offered to personally contact TPT about removing the strike against me (3 strikes and you're out on TPT) and even gave me a one year complimentary Daily 5/Cafe subscription to their website! WOW!! Also, TPT was awesome in helping me out throughout this whole process! This was such a happy ending!! :)

We began decorating the house for Christmas and I LOVE it!!! I love this time of year! I wish that I could keep my decor up for more than a month but when the first week of January hits, everything is down and packed up. In the meantime, I will enjoy it while it lasts.

The reason we celebrate this season.

Princesses need to comb hair while Christmas trees are being set up.

LOVE my Dollar Store find! I found a nativity set from the dollar store. Each piece was a dollar so i guess maybe I didn't get the best deal. LOL. I do love it though and am excited to finally have Joseph in the scene. Last year when I bought the pieces, they ran out of Joseph but I still bought it knowing that this year Joseph would be back in stock. He's kinda important in the nativity scene... don't you think? Ha!

I've also always wanted a little cottage.. which I found individually at the Dollar Store, too. The fabric snow could use a lot more work but I love my little clay pieces!

Hope you had an exciting Thanksgiving weekend!

By for now Friends!