Parts of a Volcano

Hello Friends.

I want to share with you a fun {and YUMMY} learning activity that I did in science with my kiddos.

Science has never been my strong subject. Because of that, I try and make it interesting when I teach it so that the information will stick with my kiddos.

We were learning about the parts of a volcano this past week. Although it's pretty straight forward and not a tough concept, I took advantage of creating a sugary project since I had not done one with them in a while.

I have to be honest here. I HATE giving my kids sugary treats. We don't keep candy around the house and for the most part, my kids know their limit (except my little one. She has NO sugar limit). So when it comes time to do a project like this, or this, or even this, I have their FULL attention, and THAT makes this teacher mama happy!

Here are the candies we used:

Starburst - lava
Sour Punch - vent
Cotton Candy - gases
Crunch/Crushed Oreos - dirt for volcano

Here is what I did:

1. Draw a volcano on a piece of paper. This gives them a guideline of where to stay inside the volcano.

2. Unwrap about 2-3 Starbursts and put them in the microwave just a few seconds to melt so that it's moldable. I put it on parchment paper.

I melted ours too much so I just let it cool a bit to solidify it.

3. Mold the magma chamber

4.  Use the Sour Punch for the vent

If the vent is too long, I'm sure that your kiddos will be more than happy to shorten the vent


5. Unwrap more Starburst and use it to add lava to the side of your volcano

FAST FORWARD A COUPLE OF STEPS. Sorry! We were having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures of each of the other steps, but here they are...

6. Add Sour Punch to the crater of the volcano.

7.  Add Crunch bites/ crushed Oreos as dirt for the volcano.

8. Add cotton candy for the gases

9.  Add labels. I just had the kids place them on top of the candy.

10. Before they could eat their volcano, each of them had to name each part of the volcano and what it did.

 Of course, my oldest son decided that he wanted to add lava shooting out of his volcano. I'm no fool. I know that was really him thinking, "The more candy I put on my volcano, the more I can eat!"  

11. Time to eat! It's just SO sad that they don't enjoy this part.

When you're so desperate for candy that you don't even care that there's paper stuck to it.


In the end, my kids really loved this project! I know that activities like this stick in their heads and they were excited to share with our principal (dad) the wonderful project they did today. 

Hello Friends,

Growing up, I always loved watching The Wheel of Fortune... wondering what space the wheel would stop at.

The sound of the wheel beeping FAST... then getting slower ... and sloooower. The anticipation of where it would stop. GAAAWH! It would kill  me! The suspense of it all.

I still love that feeling. That's why I am so excited to share with you a new resource that I just posted in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Do you use equity sticks to randomly choose your students? I did, too! While I did love those little sticks, I do wish that I had this resource when I was in the classroom because it's fun! Don't get me wrong. Equity sticks are great. I just think that we can sometimes lose the engagement of our students as we dig into the jar to pick a popsicle stick. 

There is just something mesmerizing about the spinning of the wheel and the sound it makes that captures the students' attention. 

Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!

PLUS, there spinners are EDITABLE! Yay! 

Here is a sneak peak into the resource. 

 Let me explain this resource as I show some close ups.

Here are some spinners for student names.  ALL the fonts are embedded so that you do NOT have to download any fonts. Just type the name right in! The 25 part spinner comes in color and black/white.

This is a great Brain Break / indoor recess / get up and move activity! "What should we do?" (Spin the wheel) "Ok, let's do some jumping jacks!" You can also have students chant their word wall / spelling / high frequency words / math fact using this wheel.  In this case, they would chant while they did jumping jacks!

There is also a story elements wheel where partners can pair share, and a game wheel.

Here is another wheel choice. Spin to see which table is chosen. Then spin again to see which student at that table gets called. You would label your students at each table with a letter.

Again, these wheels are EDITABLE. So you don't have 6 tables? No problem. Change it. :) It's your way right away, Baby!

The "Say It This Way" wheel above is a FUN one! When I was in the classroom, we used many different voices and accents to review our spelling words, spell out our word wall words, and high frequency words. My kids LOVED this. Spin the wheel. Review math facts, grammar skills, etc without moving your lips!

 Don't see a spinner that you need? Make it with my EDITABLE templates! There are 3 different color schemes with and spinners with 4, 6, 10, and 20 sections. Don't want to count the sections of each spinner to see which one you'll need? I got you covered.  Just take a look at the bottom right corner. The number there tells you how many sections that wheel has.

See? I got your covered. :)

Oh, did I also mention that this resource also comes with monthly templates? This is the amazing thing..... ready for it? You'll need to sit down.

ALL the decision wheels are able to be COPIED and PASTED into the wheel of your choice! WHAAAAT??!! I KNOW, RIGHT????!!!

So that means that you can write you student names in a wheel ONCE and just copy and paste them into the monthly template that you want! 


Copy and Paste is your new BFF. (What will you do with all your extra time?)

After you have copy and pasted your wheel in, you can move the arrow to point to any part of your spinner.  

This resource is a game changer. It's seriously fun!

If you still don't believe me, I'd love for you to try it for yourself. You can grab this resource by clicking the picture below.

Thanks for reading, Friends!


Easy to Do Open House Projects

Hello Friends.

It's that time of year again. You are near the end and you see the light at the end of the tunnel...and it's NOT a train. :)  You may be crawling... barely making it to the finish line. With state testing and assessments and planning end of the school year activities, it's hard to even think about Open House.

Well, I got you covered friend.

I want to share with you some home run projects with you. I compiled 19 TRIED AND TRUE amazing projects that have worked SO well over my 14 years in the classroom. I will share some here.

So whether you're having Open House or Back to School Night or just need some fun and creative projects for your classroom... I gotcha covered!

Stocking Stuffer GIVEAWAY

Hello Friends.

Welcome to December! I feel like I wait ALL year long for this time of year. Then when Halloween hits and it's over, then BAM! It's Thanksgiving. And just when you can barely catch your breath, it's almost Christmas time!

I know that this is such a busy time of year for us all...ESPECIALLY for teachers! Not only are you planning for your own family, but you are trying to plan for your classroom, teacher gifts, gifts for the parents of the kids in your class, potlucks,  then holiday parties and EVERYTHING in between!

That's why a couple of my blogging friends and I got together and wanted to get you something special. A gift to show our appreciation for all that you do for your students!  We are EACH raffling off a few of our favorite stocking stuffer items THEN a BIG grand prize item (that means you can win ALL 8 gifts!!! #winning). It won't fit in a stocking, but because you've been extra good this year, you deserve an extra special gift. Want to know what it is? Keep reading friend.

For my stocking stuffers, I wanted to raffle off some of my favorite things that I used in the classroom.
 I don't know about you, but there is something VERY satisfying about  BRAND NEW markers for my anchor charts and POINTY TIPS on my flair pens. Anyone with me??? It's like cutting open a perfect avocado. No bumps. No bruises. Juuuuust perfect!

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Now... are you ready for the BIG GRAND PRIZE? We are giving ONE lucky winner a HP printer! Why? Because you've worked so hard and you deserve it for all you do for your kiddos!

This printer is the HP Office Jet 4650 Wireless ALL IN ONE Photo Printer with Mobile Printing and Instant Ink Ready!  With almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon, it's pretty awesome if you ask me!

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Wanna win some MORE prizes? Hop on over to my friend Ashely from the Wright Nook to see what goodies she's giving away.

A little hint: I spy some online shopping! :)