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Celebration Week!!!

I'm OK. I'm alive!!

Yes, It's been a while since I've blogged. I think it's safe to say that I am just no good at keeping up with my poor little blog. I've come to terms with it. I am no longer in denial. (Holding candle in my hand) Hello, my name is Angela Linzay and I stink at keeping up with my blog.

Alright, now that we that out of the way I feel like we are much closer. :)

I have some very exciting news! This week is special to me for so many reasons. There is MUCH to celebrate....hence the title of this blog..."Celebration Week!" Here are 3 things that I am celebrating this week.

1. I was contacted about a week ago by Teachers Pay Teachers notifying me that I hit a milestone!!!! I began this journey about a year ago and NEVER imagined that I would be at this place at this time. I've truly been blessed and humbled to know that there are MANY amazing teachers out there that chose to spend their hard earned money to purchase my resources. I've learned far more from this community of teachers on TPT in this past year than I have learned throughout my whole credential program...and THAT'S for real! I was one of seven teachers featured on the TPT June Newsletter. You can check it out here. I also share a tip about one of my FAVORITE writing resources.

I am also on the TPT Facebook page with a freebie! Go and download it. Like NOW! GOOOO!!!! I'll wait..... (whistling).

2. I am also celebrating my big 4-0!!! Yes, 40 is the new... uhmm... 40! I don't feel 40. I still feel like a kid...well, that's until I bend over or pick something up, or go for a run, or recuperate from an injury, or... well, you get the point.  I ain't lying. My body ain't what it used to be but this year I began eating Paleo and I feel SO healthy. My hubby and I are in San Diego AS WE SPEAK dropping off my 3 kiddos to my fabulous sister so that we can have a couple days to ourselves. I am so excited to have a little getaway with him. Did I mention that I.AM.SO.EXCITED??!!!! Just wanted to make sure you knew that.

 3. I am thrilled, excited, ecstatic to share with you my newest resource. Our family camps a lot in the summer and so we take many road trips. I remember road trips as a kid. I would look outside, play games, listen to the radio, sleep, talk, sleep, and well.. you get the picture. Nowadays, I find that my kids don't really do that much because they have their heads in some sort of media (Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, IKNOOOOW!!) This brought me to create a wonderful road trip resource called On The Road Again. It's PACKED with FUN FUN activities that will get your kids thinking AND keep them busy and quiet. And let's face it. We like BUSY and QUIET on a long car ride, right??? Or am I the only one? I will also be creating Add On packs that are grade level specific so that your kiddos can be working on some Common Core Standards in a FUN way (I promise) without even knowing it! These Add Ons allow this resource to grow with your child as they move onto the next grade.

This will be a GREAT end of the year gift to your students. Next year I will be creating a summer vacation packet for my students before they head off to summer. I will be attaching a box of crayons, some candy, and a good book to this resource. Then VOILA! An easy peasy gift that is packed with much cuteness!!!

Here are some sneak previews:

PRINT ONCE AND KEEP FOREVER TIP:  Put these worksheets in sheet protectors and have kids use dry erase markers and a sock to write and erase. This way you can use it over and over again!

UPDATE!!! Now that I am back from our 16 day road trip, you can take a look HERE at how we used it to keep the kids quiet engaged.

You can check it out in my store HERE.

A celebration is NO FUN without my guests also getting something in return. For your party goodie bag,  I am throwing a celebration sale! EVERYTHING in my store is on sale until don't wait! Go and check it out! Like NOW! Go! :)

Enjoy your summertime fun!