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So this is my first official week of summer break and my kids are still in school for another week.  Relaxing, right?? Yea... NO! I'm seriously exhausted! "What have I been doing?" you ask. Well... here is a sneak peak of my life right now.

I'm going to cheat a little bit and post my Five For Friday with Doodlebugs here. I know that this post was written on Wed, but hey.... I gotta do what I can to stay on top of things at this moment. :)

1. I'm waking up at 5am Mon-Fri to do boot camp with my friend.  FIVE AM!!!  I seriously don't even wake up that early for work and it's summertime... the time that I'm SUPPOSE to be sleeping in. Darn you love handles!!! Curse you swimsuit season!!!! It's because of you that I'm doing this! I wanted to take a picture of me at boot camp, but the scary instructor might have made me do like 50 more lunges if I had stopped. Today I had to run around a building complex with ropes over each shoulder dragging weights behind me. I'm sure I looked like a poor Iditarod dog on her last leg.  Maybe if I'm brave enough, I may snap a shot tomorrow and I'll post the picture. It's a form of torture, y'know? This boot camp thing.

2. We are redoing our garage into a living space for our kids. What started out as a fleeting and very inexpensive thought of possibly transforming our 3 car garage into a play area/kids cave has now taken over our lives. My husband's motto is "If you're gonna do it, do it RIGHT the first time." That's all awesome and everything but before I knew it, he was ripping down dry wall, running all kinds of electrical lines, adding an air conditioning/heater unit, building a wall, more lights, switches...etc. I don't understand it but here we are now. We just put in dry wall.

The 2 car garage side will be the play area and the other 1 car garage side will be my husband's workshop.

 Notice that the washer and dryer are UNPLUGGED? They were sitting in our backyard today and so I was frantically doing all the laundry from our camping trip before the they became unusable. Which leads to this picture....

3. YUP! That is my living room under there. I promise, there is a couch in this picture. I'm glad that my little Karis was not home because poor girl would have gotten lost under that mess. Ain't nobody got time for that!

4. Since the kids are still in school and my awesome mother in law took Karis for the day, I've been taking full advantage of these past 2 days and working diligently in creating my new TPT unit. It's A LOT of work but I'm SUPER excited about it! I'm aligning our ELA Houghton Mifflin curriculum to the common core standards and creating standards based worksheets for each story... for ALL 6 themes! I'm also adding thinking maps into it and creating printables for everything. If you know anybody who is using HM for their  ELA curriculum, this is a FANTASTIC resource for 2nd grade. I looked on TPT and there isn't anything like it. I'm creating this for my grade level so I figured that I would post it on TPT as well.
Look at that HUGE box of resources I'm going through! It's going to be a VERY thorough unit.

The title page is a little wordy, no? I'd love to hear what you think.  I was just trying to fit everything on there.

5. I will be going down to San Diego to visit my sister and staying for the weekend so that my husband can finish up the garage without any distractions. I love San Diego and I always enjoy staying at my sister's house. She feeds me well..... that's love riiiight thar! :)

So that is my life this week in a nutshell. Hoping that things slow down a bit and I take full advantage of summer!

Gotta go friend. 4:45am comes pretty early here.  :/



  1. Loving your humor and your blog! Looking forward to reading more Angela!

  2. Enjoyed reading your post! I am looking forward to seeing how your garage turns out!

    Curious Firsties

  3. You always make me laugh! Great post about the garage! Have a great time in San Diego!

  4. Hi Angela I enjoyed reading your post! I just found your blog through HBBD, they designed my blog too! I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

  5. Hey Angela!! I just found your blog through instagram. Love instagram and like everyone else..I'm loving your posts! I'm your newest follower. I must are really lucky to have a such a handy husband! Can't wait to see how the play room turns out.
    Teaching in Paradise