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Happy Monday!!

Really? I think that THAT is such an oxymoron. Are Mondays REALLY happy? "I'm SO happy that it's Monday today because I get to go to work," said NO ONE EVER!

I went into work today for a half day since my little girl is sick. She has pink eye in both eyes, a double ear infection, and yesterday at urgent care the nurse asked me, "So how long has she had this fever?" My response? "What??!!! I mean... mmmmmkay.. well, (feeling horrible that I didn't even know she had a fever)... Um... it JUST started." Yup! That's what I said and I wasn't lying either. As far as I knew, it really did just start. Yessireee... no Mommy of the Year Award here.

So today I went in my classroom for a couple of hours and was able to squeeeeeeze in one last writing lesson since our district writing assessment is tomorrow.... TWO DAYS before Open House. YIKES! After that, we worked on some last minute Open House projects. We are finishing up the silhouette project, doing our 100 yrs old writing and craftivity, taking pictures of our hands signing the alphabet, and making an adorable Open House invitation for parents. Here are some photos of our work in progress.

I used to hand trace all these silhouettes but then I came across this awesome way to do it on the computer! I wrote an EASY 6 step tutorial on it in my 19 Creative Open House Activities Pack.

I LOVE that you can see the details of their eyelashes!
I just print these at school...

UNLESS you have someone put in BLUE paper in the copier. Oooops!
No worries though. I'll be cutting the image out anyways.

OK... seriously! I COULD NOT get this image to rotate so you'll just have to turn your head sideways. LOL. Isn't this adorable? This reminds me of what they do at Disneyland. Yes, his description of his hair as curly and black was right on! You should see his locks. Enough to make even Fabio jealous. If you have no idea who Fabio is, Google him while I feel old.

Arghhh... STILL can't rotate! These labels come in 6 different colors.

We read Moses Goes to a Concert in class. It is about a young boy who is deaf and goes to school with other deaf children. It's a great story to teach kids about the life of hearing impaired students. I created these alphabet cards and took a picture of each child's hand signing the letter. I just have to cut and mount them on construction paper.  Every year, my kids LOVE having this up at Open House and signing the alphabet to their parents. I also do a FUN hidden message activity with this.

My Open House pack is ON SALE in my TPT store starting TOMORROW (Tues.) and will be on sale for only TWO DAYS!!! There are 19 creative projects all with templates and step by step instructions. Stop by and grab a pack!

19 Creative Open House Activities Pack

I also have an April Fool's Pack that will be going on sale... BUT don't be fooled! This packet is common core aligned and can be used anytime of the year...especially now that things are winding down and you need some independent work for your students so that you can get some one on one testing done. I TOTALLY get it! :) This is a "no guilt involved" pack. You can pull kids to test knowing that the others are reviewing some core standards in a fun way. It's a win-win if you ask me. 

Thanks friends and Happy Shopping!!!

Angela Linzay

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  1. I totally blog stalked you here from Instagram, lol. But I think I put two and two together and figured out that we know each other in real life. Small world, eh? We did Beauty and the Beast together at CCV. So fun to follow you on Instagram and find out that you're a fellow blogging teqcher! I'm officially your newest blog follower!