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Currently and My Blog Got a FACE LIFT!!!!! :)

Yay!!!! My blog finally got a face lift!!!! One thing that it means is that I will not be needing my first post found here. I LOVE LOVE my new design from Honey Bunches! They were so easy to work with and totally accommodating to me. I mean I am high maintenance like to have things done a certain way and they were GREAT with all my requests. If you or anybody you know are thinking about giving your blog a fresh new look, I highly recommend them. You will not be sorry. :)

I am linking up with Farley at  Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for her May Currently.

- I love my kiddos but let's be honest... I also LOVE it when they are asleep. That is the time I get to reconnect with my honey and just have some time for myself without having to break up any arguments or wipe snotty noses. Right now though, my hubby is painting our garage.... which I will be joining him once I finish this post. This is the "Me" time I'm talking about right here. :)

- I raved about my new blog above already!

- Boot camp! I am really not a morning person AT ALL. I mean.. it's a wonder that I can get up and teach before 10am! Although there was this one time that I tried to open my classroom door with my car remote. Ha! I do love boot camp because not only do I get in shape, but my day gets started earlier, too. I leave when it's still dark and basically watch the sun rise. Did you know that the sun actually does rise in the east?? Amazing, huh?

- Mmmmm... almond butter and apples. Ever since I started boot camp, I've been super hungry! Yay for faster metabolism!

- End of the year madness for my boys! They finish in TWO DAYS and I have to get a few more things together for their teacher gifts. I'm such a procrastinator!

Love and live in my rainbow sandals in the summer! I'm so scared of getting skin cancer so I lather on the Neutrogena sunscreen with like SPF 300 or something like that. My mom is the typical Asian mom with huge sun hats and gloves. I used to make fun of her but now I secretly want to borrow them. I'm serious... I think she's onto something. :)

- I realize that I'm on my phone a lot more... on Instagram mostly. I've met so many new teacher bloggers that I just love reading about them and getting fresh ideas from them. They are all my best friends... they just don't know it yet. Ha!

Aaaaaand THAT'S what I've been currently up to in May. Thanks for reading friends!


  1. I love your new blog design! Too cute :)

  2. Cute blog design! Almond butter and apples....mmmmm sounds delicious! I think I have both on hand. Guess what I'm packing for my snack tomorrow? I'm your newest follower!

  3. Hi Angela,
    I had to stop on in and be your newest follower. I love HOney Bunch...they did my updated look on my blog too. Yours is soo cute and I love mine. They are the best!!!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

    1. Just checked out your blog! Sooooo cute! So glad that you're a fellow CA teacher!! :)

  4. So glad you are loving your new design! Almond butter sounds soooo good!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  5. Cute blog Angela! I just got a blog makeover too from HBBD! They are the best! :) I'm your newest follower. BTW, I love wearing my rainbow sandals too!

    Cheers To School