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What in the world???

That is the best way I can describe these past few days.... and it's only TUESDAY!!! There are a couple of things that are making me (and my class) a little crazy this time of year.

1. I don't know about the weather elsewhere but last week in So Cal it was hot and sunny. Kids were swimming and playing in the backyard. This week?? Dark clouds rolled in and it was raining.... HARD!  Today was cold and overcast, too. This weather makes my students and me a little loopy. They were a little restless today and I can't blame them.

2. Can you take a guess as to what this is?  YUP!! It's CRUNCH TIME!!! Open House is in 2 days and we are taking our district writing assessment tomorrow. So in all the hustle and bustle of last minute "Hurry-up-and-just-trace-color-cut-and oh honey, don't forget to be neat" madness, I had to do some last minute prepping for the test. I hope all the other teachers will be nice when grading my student's writing. I think I'm gonna bring them some chocolate. I mean, I could be bought with chocolate. I'm just saying.....

3. I feel like I'm running on a hamster wheel right now and someone needs to pull me off. Tomorrow is my last "real" day of teaching. I job share and work Mon-Wed. Next week I'm at a Thinking Maps training for those 3 days and then the following week is our last week of school. WHAT???!! How did that happen?? I'm trying to get last minute testing done, cums, report cards, clean up the room, organize, plan parties...ahhhhh!!!!  Someone get me off this wheel. My head is definitely spinning.

4. The GOOD thing about today is the Instagram fun I've been having.  To join in on the party, look below:

I seriously have met some amazing teachers already and today was my first day! They welcomed this newbie  with sweet comments and "likes" on my pictures. Awwww.... I feel so special. :) I am really excited to be here in this community and have already seen SO many amazing things that teachers from all over are doing. I am truly inspired.

 My classroom has been working out of my  Open House Activities Pack this week....which is on sale TODAY and TOMORROW only. It comes complete with templates and practically does everything itself! OK, not really... but it's pretty great. It has step by step instructions with pictures and templates for everything. Plus, there are 19 fun activities. Here are just a few:

Ok. Don't judge me and my homemade sign! Desperate situations call for desperate measures. Remember?? CRUNCH TIME here!!

  She may be 100 yrs old but she's dangerous! She'll literally eat you alive! You DO NOT want to meet her in a dark alley.... EVER!!!

LOVE LOVE their Mystery Math Stories! It's great for common core!

Some of my sweet friends making Open House invitations for their parents.

Seriously, hold onto your horses... check out my sweet artist doing the line of symmetry project.

WOW!!!  Isn't she AMAZING!!!

This goes on the back of their line of symmetry project. We read a couple of books and then talked about things that we love about ourselves. I love #7 - "I'm good at eating."  Me, too, my friend. Me, too. :)

I LOVE how my silhouette project came out. I have a EASY peasy lemon squeezy tutorial for that in the packet. NO tracing, NO tired arms. Just 6 short steps and VOILA!

These are just a couple pictures of my kiddos reading. It seriously makes my heart happy! I love when they are just sprawled out around the room reading. :) Reading IS relaxing and pleasurable and if I want them to grow up loving print, then they have to know this.

Hoping your week isn't as crazy as mine, Friend.

Angela Linzay


  1. I'm so excited! I've been following you on Instagram and I just stumbled upon your blog and realized you're in SoCal!!! Me too!!!! Small world! Hang in there.... Summer will be here soon! We don't get out until June 21st :-/ eek! Hope open house went well! Love those hundred year old kids!!!

    Soaring Through Second

    1. Hi Sandy. YAY!!! Another So Cal teacher! Where abouts are you from? I cannot believe that you get out so late. This school year we started the first week of August (which was brutal AND HOT)but knew that we would be rewarded by ending early. :) I took a look at your blog. WOW!!! You're amazing! I'm just getting started here so everything takes me twice as long to figure out how to do all this blogging thing. My new design will (hopefully) be ready by this month. :) Thanks for connecting with me.

  2. I just found your blog from May's Currently and I am your lucky number 3 follower :)! I didn't realize there was a teacher community on instagram, who knew?! I guess we are EVERYWHERE!
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    1. Hi Nikki.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I linked up with May's Currently just yesterday but have not had time to do it since Open House is tomorrow!! I'm getting last minute stuff done. I will post it this weekend. So, are you a teacher and if so, where do you teach? I tried to click on your name but there was no blog. There is a growing community of teachers on Insta right now. I just started and it's so fun! I've been so inspired!