Back to School Signs

It's that time again!

For us in Cali, summer is ending and parents/teachers are getting ready for school to start back up.

Every year I make my First Day of School Signs for my kiddos. I created these as a great way for me to stop time a bit and to not forget my kids in their current stage of life. I love this sign because I enjoy looking back and remembering my kids at a certain age. I keep them every year and we pull them out at the beginning and end of the school year and compare. My kids even love looking back and see how their interests have changed (or stayed the same!). You'd be amazed at how much kids can change in just 10 short months!

I mean, just check these side by side first/last day comparisons from this past school year!

I even have ones from YEARS ago that we love looking at. They were soooo little.

Look at my Isaac from his last day of 6th grade!!! He had such a baby face! That year, we used this sign that was more detailed. Either way, the kiddos always say, "I can't believe that I used to like....." or "OH! I remember when I was soooo into...."

What I love about these signs is that all the fonts are embedded. That means you DO NOT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ANY FONTS (ain't nobody got time for that)!! Just type it right in and VOILA! The sign is done!

I also have a printer friendly version in white.

I get them printed at Staples because it always comes out so vibrant!

I get mine printed on regular size paper (8.5" x 11").  Here are some examples of others that have printed the sign in a different size.

If you're interested in these signs, you can grab them here (click on the pic):

I know that this says "Last Day of School", but if you'd like a first day one like this in my store, let me know! :)

If you get the First and Last Day Sign Bundle, you can save a couple of dollars!

If you don't have time to make one, don't worry! I got you covered! I can do it for you for just a few dollars more! :)

I know that you will find these as a great keepsake as you cherish them year after year! I think I will put them together and make a little booklet out of them and give them to my children when they graduate high school.

Hope you that you enjoy the beginning of your school year!


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