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Aligning Houghton Mifflin to Common Core

Hi Friends.

I know that it's Christmas time and the last thing that you're thinking of is teaching the curriculum. You want to teach something FUN... something Christmas-y. I get it. But for some of you, you have to keep trucking along the pacing guide for the next week or so. This post is for you. OR you come back Christmas break and don't want to think about anything and want it to be EASY, no prep, BUT rigorous. Is that even possible? Yes. This post is also for you.

I just completed a new product that will help you during this busy season. Introducing my 1st Grade Houghton Mifflin Unit for Theme 7.  It is over 260 pages of Common Core aligned work. It's PACKED with Thinking Maps, comprehension skills, Depth and Complexity icons, text dependent questions, and MUCH more!

You're colleagues will be so impressed that you are STILL teaching rigor to your students during this crazy time of year and wonder how you did it. Shhhh... I won't tell.

Here is a snapshot of your easy, no prep, BUT rigorous lessons...

Here is an overview. Scroll down for some close ups.

Can't see the worksheets? Here are some close ups....

One of my classroom favorites was the Skip and Scan. They have to work with partner to look through their anthology and find the answers to the questions. Level 1 has page numbers for those who need the extra help. Level 2 has no page numbers, but the students have to write what page they found the answers on.  This is a GREAT skill to practice and teaches students HOW to look in a piece of text to find their answers.

These vocabulary word and picture cards are great for not only Language Learners, but for ALL learners.

There are other themes available, just check out my store. I also have a Themes 1-5 bundled for extra savings!

So really. If you can just crawl yourself to the copy machine and push copy, I will take care of the rest. I got you covered, friend.


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