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All I Want For Black Friday Linky

Hello friends.

I'm spending my Thanksgiving up I'm Northern California with family but I wanted to stop by and link up with this Black Friday Linky Party by the Primary Pack. I'm excited to be a part of this because I love seeing what's on other  teacher's wish lists..inside and outside of the classroom. I'm always looking for new teaching resources... and hey, if there's  a purse/watch/jacket/shoes/whatever on your personal wishlist that you love, I just may add it to my wishlist because I love it, too. :)  

So let's begin...shall we? 

Perfect. Let's  start with my personal wishlist.

1. Cameo - I see so many things in Pinterest that are so adorable and know that I can make them if I had my own Cameo. 
2. Disneyland pass - Our family had Disney passes a few years back....before it got REALLY expensive. Now,  for our family of 5 to have passes... it would be over $2000! Although we can't spend that type of money right now, I still would love to be "gifted" a pass so that our family can enjoy Disneyland again. I just need to find a sugar daddy....but my hubby wouldn't agree with that. Lol 
3. Pottery Barn Flameless candles - Just look at these!! Aren't they adorable?? I would love these flameless candles for our house. Not only is it safer since I love to light candles year round , but they would last longer.
4. Oh Holy Night chalkboard print - AHHH!!!  I would love this piece for Christmas above my fireplace! It's so beautiful!!!

Now, onto teaching wishlist...

1. Chalkboard Clipart - I've been looking at some chalkboard art to make some inspirational signs. These would be perfect. One is from Lilmade Designs and the other from Pink Pueblo. 
2. Whimsy Clips - I love my Whimsy Clips collection! I love that they come in black and white and color. There are so many cute cliparts here. 
3. Creative clips- I'm starting to use Creative Clips more. I have always liked the look of them but always used Whimsy Clips. I am looking for more variety now and so these would be perfect. Again, love that it comes with black and white and color!

Last, my best selling resources from my store that maybe can make it on YOUR wishlist...

1. The Write Stuff - I love this unit. It had everything you need to prepare your students for your writing block. When I was in the classroom last year, my  students used the word list and word books all the time!

2. Thinking Maps - I used this A LOT in my classroom and STILL use it in when homeschooling. This is one of my top selling resources and I can see why. Thinking Maps are just AWESOME! They help students organize their thoughts and are so versatile! You can use them for comprehension skills, grammar, phonics, math, science, and every other subject! I also include samples of how to use them for different subjects/skills.

3. Houghton Mifflin units: 1st and 2nd grade - Now this. These are my BEST selling items for those who still use the Houghton Mifflin series that are not common core aligned. A couple years ago, I began creating these units for my own need to aligned Houghton Mifflin to Common Core. I have 2nd grade completely done and have 2 more themes (theme 9 and 10) to finish 1st grade (Hallelujah!!). The bundles are the best deals but they also come per theme. Each theme is over 270 pages and packed with comprehension skills, grammar, phonics, and much more. I also integrated Thinking Maps and Depth and Complexity icons into these worksheets. I've has so many great responses from teachers who use them. 

Plus, Primary Pack is giving away these amazing items! All you have to do is go to their collaborative blog to enter to win! It's like Black Friday AND Christmas all wrapped in one big package!!!

Only a couple more days until Black Friday. I think I'm going to skip the stores this year and shop online in my warm jammies with coffee in hand. How about you?

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! There is SO much to be thankful for!!


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  1. Thanks for linking up Angela! I can't believe how out of control the Disney costs are now, crazy!