Eating Your Animal Cell

Hello Friends.

If you ever need to teach about a plant or animals cell, read on....

I just wanted to stop by really quick to post a cute (and yummy) little project that I did with my kids.  We are learning about the animal cell and my kids were having  a lot a little trouble remembering all the parts of it. My friend, Janee, posted a picture on Facebook of a cupcake project that she did with her kids (who are also learning about animal cells). My kids and I are not that big on cupcakes...but cookies...well, that's a different story.

Here is our yummy project...
 Even my little kinder gal joined us. They were even singing an animal cell song. :)

Our finished product before they gobbled up their cookie.

I've love to say that I thought of this all by myself. I'm not that creative, although I'd like to be. Again, I originally heard it from my friend who made hers using a cupcake. We love cookies, they're round, and so it seemed like a perfect fit. I looked on Pinterest and found an activity with cookies. Here is the link:

Animal Cell Cookie Project

I used different candies than the directions so you can just use your favorites! :)  We ate some cookies and saved the rest for our friends. My kids had so much fun...AND they actually learned the parts of an animal cell! That, my friends, is a WIN-WIN! :)



  1. That animal cell song has been stuck in my head for days....

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  3. Those are SO sweet! I'm sorry I won't have a chance to make it to Disney while they're out, so thanks for sharing more on them to let me live vicariously.Reithelm