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A New Product

Hello Friends,

Just wanted to stop by and share my newest product! I have gotten so many positive responses with my First Grade Houghton Mifflin resource that I had to continue making the rest of the themes.  I just finished theme 3 and it is packed (268 pages to be exact!) with Thinking Maps, Depth and Complexity icons, comprehension strategies/skills, and many more fun and engaging activities to keep those neurons firing! What I love about this unit is that it is NOT busywork. I used my HM units when I taught a 1/2 combo last year and it felt so good knowing that the independent work that I was giving one grade (I have HM units for both first and second grade) while I worked with the other grade was meaningful.

Here is a sneak peak of the unit:

I LOVE LOVE Thinking Maps and have found them VERY effective in my classroom!

Do you notice the Depth and Complexity icons in the top corner when it applies to the worksheet? I went to the training at USC and really enjoyed implementing it into my classroom. My Firsties last year really caught on to the higher level thinking!

I love these vocabulary cards!!! They have worked great for not only my Language Learners, but for ALL learners,  It really gave my students a visual of what the word meant.

If you or someone you know is using 1st grade Houghton Mifflin, I would love for you to pass this resource along. It truly is a time saver!!!

Have a great weekend Friends!!!


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