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Wordless Wednesday

Hi friends!

If you read my post last week you will know that this year I want to become more consistent in my blogging. I wrote myself out a schedule and everything and I feel pretty good about it. I needed to find something that was doable for me and my schedule. This is why when I was reminded about what I've seen on other mommy blogs that I subscribe to, I was ecstatic! It's called "Wordless Wednesday". Alls you do is put a picture up that is pretty much self explanatory and voila! You've got yourself a post! It can be something cute, shocking, funny, or in a teacher's case, a snapshot of a project or something you did in class. AND I may be breaking the rules here a bit, but I'm even gonna say you can post a quick little video or something that needs no explanation. Even though the video may have words, we'll let it slide because it's so cute/amazing/shocking/etc! I would love to do a linky party on this, but I don't know how to start one and have a "link up" button at the bottom of my page. I may have to look up on how to do that BUT for now... it's just me and my little one woman party! :) I am the first one at my party. I am the only one at my party.... But it's ok because maybe you can join me one day. Yes? :)

So here is my picture for today:

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