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2014 and Five for Friday

Annnnnnd I'm back to reality!

I really did not want to come back to reality after the holidays. Like ever! It was a busy one and well, I decided to leave the blogging world for the month of December since I was barely swimming above water. More like drowning deep. Like I'm already drowning and someone throws me a kid to hold (Jim Gaffigan humor). Seriously.

Soooo after taking that off my plate, and after all the parties and all family gatherings, we got to spend some nice and well deserved family time with just We needed that.  My hubby is a pastor and so naturally Christmas time is a busy busy time for the church. I love that, but it's also so very nice when he gets a nice break.

This year I really want to focus on being more consistent with my blog. I've gotten my feet wet with Teachers Pay Teachers  last year and it's been such a blessing! God has blessed me beyond measure. I mean, I'm no Deanna Jump or anything but I did manage to make a bit extra to pay off some debt. But now I'm ready to focus more on my blogging. I HAVE a plan. I THINK it will work. I HOPE it will work. :)

Sooooo I began writing this post on Thursday thinking I would get ahead of the game. Then I got sick. Now it's Saturday night and I'm determined to finish my Five for FRIDAY post AND now my little 3 yr old is calling 'Mamaaaaa!!!" from her bedroom as we speak (waaaaaay past her bedtime!!). Be right back.

(Jeopardy music)

OOOOkkayyyy. I'm back. What was I talking about??? Oh yea... reality and how I'm forced to be in it. Well, my first week back at school was great. I actually thought Monday would be brutal but it wasn't too bad. Kids were quiet ... possibly tired... but I didn't care because..... they were QUI.ET!! :)  YAY!!  If you have been following my post, you will know that this year my kids are great but they are a bit chattier than previous years. I'm using the word "chattier" VERY loosely here. BUT they were QUIET on Monday!!! Small victories. Small victories.

It's still the weekend and so I'm linking up with  Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday

 My kids were QUIET! LOL. They did well on their first day back. Yes, they were most likely sleepy but it was nice. :) We got to add in a little brain break because our brains all need a little break the first week back to work from vacation. They LOVED "What Does The Fox Say?"

My bestie just gave birth TODAY!!!! After years of convincing her hubby of the idea of baby #3 and trying, she conceived and had her healthy baby boy today...right on her hubby's birthday! Isn't God just awesome??!!!  :) EVEN more amazing, she did it all epidural. ALL 9 LBS 10 OZ of his pink plump body!!!! I'm hurting just thinking of it! Anyways, they have nicknamed this little boy Baby Batman and so I just had to make these little onesies for him!

We got a snake over Christmas. I know that it didn't happen this week but I figured since I have not blogged in a while, I can share this. My boys named her Caylee and she is a ball python. I actually don't mind snakes but feeding them is a different story. All I have to say is poor little mouse! :/
Picking up the snake from the breeder

Karis loves the snake!
Dinner.... :/

Every year we ring in the New Year with our friends, east coast time! Not only do my kids begin to melt down if we kept them up until midnight, I just don't think I would make it. So at 9 pm west coast time, we watch the ball drop in NY! :) We blow horns and drink cider and all is good and we are in bed by midnight! Ha!!

These kids have been growing up together for years!

The mommies!

The kiss! Happy New Year!!! 2014!!

For the past 2 years I've done a Jesus Birthday Party for all the kids at Christmas time. We decorate gingerbread houses and all pile into cars looking at Christmas lights. Although this year we did not get around to looking at lights, we did get to do all the other fun stuff. I held a blanket drive to give to the homeless as a way of giving back. After all, it's Jesus' birthday and so how come we get presents??? We can take care of others as our gift to Him!

No party is complete without a birthday cake!

My hubby and I premade all these gingerbread houses out of graham crackers the night before.

Our ping pong table was perfect for all these kids!!

My sweet Karis!

Hope you had a wonderful break and welcome back to reality and to 2014! You will be hearing from me more frequently. Hopefully. LOL!


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