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November Currently and A New Product


YAY!!! Look at me here.... I am blogging 2 times in a week. Did you hear??? TWO. TIMES!!! I am so proud of myself! I'm thinking that I will also hit all green lights on my way to work tomorrow. :) I actually was looking forward to being part of the Farley's Currently linky party but did not see the November Currently until after Nov. 1... which is just fine withe me because it gave me some extra time. :)

1. Listening -  I been turning on worship music and lighting a candle every day, all day. I remember reading in a blog how it really just sets the tone of your house. I LOVE it!! It's definitely been more calming here in the midst of crazy busy schedules. I also LOVE LOVE hearing my kids sing along!!

2. Loving - Like I said, I've been lighting a candle every day .... ALL day when we are home. It makes the house smell nice and when the kids wake up for school, the house smells yummy already. :) You should try it. My hubby says that the smell just makes him hungry for french toast. Ha! NOT good for our diets! lol

3. Thinking that I need to send out my party invites. Last year a few of my friends threw a Favorite Things party... like Oprah's favorite things show. I want to host it this year. It's so fun because everyone goes home with something special. It's a blast and I will have to write a post about it when I do it.

4. Wanting some nice sweaters and new boots. Every time I go clothes shopping I get distracted with other things and buy everything BUT what I went in the store for. In the end fall sweaters and no cute boots. I need to stay FOCUSED!!  I love bundling up in the colder months!!

5. Needing to finish my report cards. 'Nuff said! Boooo!

Favorite pin - French Toast Bake!!! Yummy!!! I've tried it and it's a hit every time I make it! It's so easy and super yummy!! That is what I like... little effort...BIG rewards!! :) I mean, just LOOK at all that gooey goodness there!! This is from Rachel Sheldon's blog here. I found her on Pinterest.

And now for my new product....

I am SO excited to share this with y'all! I talked about this product in my Five for Friday linky party but I wanted to highlight it here.

I've been wanting to create this writing unit ever since I began TPTing. I've been using these writing resources ever since I began teaching 13+ yrs ago. I've updated and revised it and now I am ready to share it.

Click on the image to take you to my TPT store.

Word Chart Headings....

 Three different levels writing books using Fry's High Frequency words. All words are alphabetized.

Two different level word lists for writers.

I hope you will check out The Best Writing Resource Pack. I know that you won't be sorry. :)

Thanks for reading Friends!



  1. Nice job with 2 blogs in 1 week!! I was just saying that I'm not very good at keeping up with it! And I totally understand your shopping frustration! I would LOVE some new fall boots as well, but it seems like I always find something cute that my little girl "needs" more! That french toast bake looks delicious too!! Have a good week!!
    Berry Sweet Teaching Treats

  2. Ummmmm...I think I could pretty much copy most of your Currently! :) We listen to KLOVE constantly at our house, in the car, etc. My girlfriends and I also did our first Favorite Things Christmas Exchange last year and loved it so much that we are doing it again this year. I am also a total candleaholic! My favorite scent is from Francesca's. I think it is called Volcano and it comes in a really pretty blue tin. My sister got it for me a few years back and now my hubby gets me one every Christmas and birthday.
    Congrats on blogging 2 times in a week! Life SO gets in the way of me being consistent on blogging!
    Lisen :)
    Second Grade Smartypants

  3. Is it so bad that I can't quit staring at the french toast bake???


  4. Oh man "I can only imagine" is one of my favourite songs!!!
    I'm with you on the whole shopping thing. I went into a store the other day to get some jandals (I think you call them flipflops?) And came out with a tshirt, two really pretty shirts, some wrapping paper, and then got distracted by all the Guy Fawkes fireworks on sale. Had to go back for the shoes!! Haha

    The E-Z Class

  5. I should really do my report cards too. But, it's so much more fun to read all these "currently" updates. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun

  6. Wow! Two posts in one week...I'm jealous! I am dying for some new winter clothes too!

  7. High Five to two posts in a week! I just posted my second post of the week and am So Proud of myself too! lol. It's tough to manage blogging and work! That french toast bake looks SO GOOD! Can't wait to try it, hopefully this weekend. Thanks for sharing :)
    Teaching in Paradise

  8. That french toast bake look divine... I am now wanting that and I'll take some fall sweater and boots too, please. Haha! Thanks for sharing!!

    Teaching with Hope