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Five for Friday

Hello there!

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday linky party. This was a short week for me since I was subbed out for grade level planning on Wed and so I only had a 2 day work week (I job share M-W). :) What a great way to start my long weekend!!! :)

This week we ended our unit study. We have been taking our ELA curriculum and working with the bigger ideas in the themes listed. For Houghton Mifflin Theme 2, it was Nature Walk. SOOOOO of course, we naturally had to go on a nature walk. These students had to look for evidence of life. We put on our investigation glasses and went to work. They brought their note pads and documented all that they saw. The kids did great and found many things that showed evidence of life.

We use tickets in our class as one of our reward system.  When they earn 50 tickets, they get to chose something from our classroom behavior catalog.  My sweet girl picked to be the teacher for a lesson in class. We had her put on some teacher glasses (hot pink of course!) and she went straight to work!

It's FALL!!!! Finally, the weather is beginning to feel like it....although I hear it's suppose to get hot again.... argggg...  Anyways, with the fall candle smell throughout my house and it being decorated for the season, I'm turning up the air conditioning, wearing a jacket, and creating my own Fall weather inside my house! I LOVE ALL things Fall!!

One of my yummy Fall drinks. This vanilla bean creme brulee is SO yummy!!! Thank you Target!

Tomato soup in one of my favorite mugs!

Souplantation! This place is yummy goodness!!! It just feels like fall inside with all the soup and warm breads!

Like I mentioned earlier, I had a 2 day work week this week. Even though I was technically working on Wed, our principal subbed our whole grade level out to do some unit planning. I LOVE my grade level and meetings with them seem more like fun than work. We were able to get so much done that we all went to Panera Bread for lunch to reward ourselves.

**WARNING** Bragging ahead.

I just wanted to highlight my kids this week. They are growing so fast and are SO SO fun!!!  I know that these times fly by quickly so even though most days I am worn to the bone, I try to soak them in as much as I can.

My sweet shopping buddy.

We just got a ping pong table in our garage and this is our boys sneaking a little game before school. That'll motivate them to get ready for school early! HA! They are gooooood, too...and it's not just because they are part Chinese.... well, maybe. :)

This is me taking a picture in front of my dirty mirror. Yikes! Didn't realize it was so bad. Anyways, these are Isaac (8) and Joshua's (6) scripture memory verses. I LOVE that we are a family that hides God' word in our hearts. They recite their verses as they wash their hands and brush their teeth. LOVE!

That's it, Friends. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your long weekend and rest up... because Tuesday comes waaaaay too quickly :)

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