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Five for Friday....on a Thursday

Ok... so I guess posting once a week is just gonna be the norm around here until life slows down a bit... which is really like.......NEVER!  There are SO many things that I want to post about but then I get home ... and remember the rocking and drooling in the corner I talked about in this post??? Yea.. that sets in and then it's all downhill from there. BUT today... today,  I'm a day early to linky party. Never mind that I can't get it together for tomorrow's post so I found some time to post today... let's just call it a small blogging victory. :)

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday linky party...because although I'm crazy busy, I can't resist a party that I don't have to brush my teeth or even put on make up for. So I'm here...early...... and boy do I look... um... fabulous. ;)

1. I FINALLY went to the optometrist this week. My eyes have been getting worse, but after the last couple of months of not being able to see street signs, which makes finding new places an adventure and other drivers mad and thinking that I'm a typical Asian driver and then not knowing which of my children I was speaking to (no, not really.... but you get the picture)... I figured it was really time to get these eyes checked out. Anyways, I got new glasses coming in next week <---- oh, that was after the young little miss eye doctor reminded me that I was quickly approaching 40yrs old and that my eyes were "changing" just like the rest of my body will. Oh yeah, you little sweet optometry school graduate?? You're perky little body will also change soon enough...mmmmkay??  Sheeesh!!! Kids these days! Hahaha!!! So as I was trying on glasses, my Little Miss K thought she would try some on, too.

SE.RI.OUS.LY! How does SO MUCH cuteness fit into this little body??!!!

2. My class is a bit rough this year. It's taken longer than usual to get them where I want them to be. Usually by this time of the year, we are all set in our routines and everyone knows that they are expected to do. This class will get there.. but they're just taking the scenic route. LOL. Anyways, I HAD to shoot a quick video of them working so awesomely (just made that word up right now) this week.  I love putting on some classical music on my Pandora and watching them work away. I was really proud of them!

3. It's Fall Y'ALL!!! I love this weather! I love all things apple and pumpkin!! I got to decorate my house and have the first fire of the season. :)

4. As a reward for working so diligently on my TPT units, my hubby surprised me with a Keurig!!! I hear it brews magic liquid. :) HE.IS.THE.BEST!

5. Sooo... the optometry appointment, the Keurig, the crossed eyedness (another made up word just right now).... it all culminates here. I've been working my tail off to create my next unit for our language arts curriculum. I just finished theme 3 and 300+ pages and a prescription for a new pair of glasses later... we have this....

Click here for a direct link

*** UPDATE: If you are interested in any of these Thinking Maps (above pics) and MANY more with Depth and Complexity icons, please take a look at my Print and Go Thinking Maps with Depth and Complexity unit. ALL maps come with samples and are EDITABLE so that you can tailor it to the needs of your classroom.  :)

Thanks for reading friends!



  1. Woweeee! Look at you go :-) you certainly deserve that Keurig!

  2. I cannot find these thinking maps in your TPT store.