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Daily 5 - Read to Someone and Writing

Hello Friends.

Just wanted to share a little praise that happened in my class today. We have been working on building stamina for Daily 5. So far we have done work on writing, read to self, and read to someone. Today was our first time doing read to someone. We made an anchor chart and we talked about what I expect of them and then wrote down what they should expect of me (working with students, helping them read, listening to others read, etc). I've been a bit nervous about introducing this component of the Daily 5 since my class is pretty chatty this year. This is usually one of my favorite elements of D5... seeing kids all sprawled out all over the room and listening to kids read. It makes my heart happy. But this group.... well, let's just say that I repeated myself over and over and OVER again how important it is to stay on task and focused now that I was pairing them up with a friend.  I usually let them choose, but for the first couple times, I pair them up. I might have bribed them with skittles  (<----- don't judge me)  encouraged them to stay on task and then put my stamina chart up. I started the timer and then they were off!  I sat at the back of the room and all I heard were a bunch of little spies using their "spy talk". AHHHH!!! They were AMAZING!!!! We went a whole 10 mins and 4 secs!!! I was seriously impressed and SO proud of my little friends!! Here are some pics of our Daily 5 practice:

Students were sitting EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) and using the checkmark to check for understanding. After a student read a page, the other student would put the checkmark to their head and say, "I just heard you read..." They did FANTASTIC!! After a couple of practices, they will be able to sit wherever they want. Call me a control freak or whatever but I just know that they need to sit at their desks the first couple of times of practicing. LOL.

Here we are working on our stamina for the writing component:

Love this little boy who is in our "thinking position". Hands on chin and they say "Hmmmmm...." :)

Love that one is in thinking position, one is whisper reading, and the others are writing away. HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!
Oh, and this is not part of our Daily 5, but I just love this little art project that my team teacher did with my bubble map. :) She is so fun and I  love coming in on Mondays and seeing the neat things that they did for Fun Friday the week before.

Love those lashes!

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Hope your school year is going great!

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