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Awesome Reminder website and App

Hello Friends!
Today I want to share with you an awesome reminder app that I'm using this year for my class. It's called Remind 101.  One of my colleagues shared this website/app with me and I love it! Every year I give out my cell phone number to my students and parents at Back to School Night. We communicate through text messaging about their child but I've always wanted to do a mass text message for days like field trip or picture day or if something is new or has changed in our daily schedule. So when I heard about this app, I introduced it to my parents at Back to School Night and even walked them through how to register right there. Once they register, it sends them a text asking parents to write their name. Make sure you ask parents to put their child's name next to theirs (ex: Angela Linzay - Isaac's mom). It makes it so much easier!

 Remind 101 is a one way text messaging system. It gives parents a class phone number to register and you send out reminder texts all throughout the year for all those little AND big things that come up. I still give out my cell phone number for those who have specific questions or concerns, but this mass text messaging helps me when I want to announce something to the parents that the kids may forget.

When you register, it also gives you a print out to give to parents on how to register for this service in case you don't have an opportunity to do it like at Back to School Night. They can receive emails or texts from you. I have the app on my phone and it's quick and easy to use. You can even schedule texts to go out at a certain time. So no more.... "YIKES! I forgot to remind my students to....." When I think about special days for the week, I  just simply add them to Remind 101 and schedule them to go out on certain days and ...VOILA! I look so organized! Haha! They'll NEVER know. :)

Here is the app on my phone and the messages that have already gone out. I wanted to add all the cuteness in my messages but there is a limit to what you can write... which is a good thing, because my teachers didn't call me motor mouth for nothin! So sad... I know. Lol. I'm ok. After years of counseling the twitching finally stopped and now I'm using my motor mouth for good. :)

Hope this was helpful. I'd love to hear what y'all use or if you use this.

Blessings Friends.

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