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April Fool's Day Fun

Hello Friends.

Do you do anything with your kiddos for April Fool's Day? Since it's just around the corner, I wanted to share an easy and fun thing that you can do with your class that takes NO PREP.


My favorite words, especially this time of year. Although I'm not in the classroom anymore, I home educate my own kiddos, and BELIEVE me when I tell you that I am dragging... no.. craaaawwwling towards the finish line. And that's just with 3 kids!

April Fool's is on a school day this year. Our family is full of jokesters. We've had plastic wrapped toilets, water cups positioned to spill when cupboards open, fake emergencies...... you get the picture. I wanted to do something fun while not taking away from the learning that needs to happen during the day. That's why I'm pulling out my favorite resource for April Fool's again this year!

My middle son loves gems and minerals so it was perfect that we read about pyrite and why it is called fool's gold. After reading it, we did a little comparing and contrasting on an organizer.

We also had fun with our Fooling Facts!

The idea here is that you follow "Prankster Pete" around as he travels around and messes up all sorts of grammar and math skills.  I love this packet because there is something for everyone since it has 2 levels.

My little one got to practice racing to 20 with addition and subtraction

While my other one got to work with money and making change.

We even reviewed some language arts

I'm excited to use this resource again so that we can have some "safe" pranking during school hours.

 After school?

Well, I can't promise that everyone will be safe from a house full of jokesters. I've already caught my kids Pinteresting some good pranks, so I'm going to need a few tricks of my own. :)

You can grab a copy of my April Fool's Day resource here:

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