FUN End of the Year Gift for Around $1 Per Student

Hello Friends.

You see the finish line. You're crawling towards it. CRAWLING! I get it. The end of the school year is *almost* here and you can smell more FREEDOM in the air than a 4th of July BBQ.

You just need to get through all the class parties, staff parties, field day, balloon popping rewards, picnics, class awards, student gifts, teacher gifts, staff gifts, principal gifts, report cards, CUM files, cleaning up your class room, AND if you have your own kids, most likely you're doing ALL this and more. ((HUGS))

You just need to tap out and tap me in. I've come to help you!

During the summer months, our family travels... a lot. We go camping, which can keep us on the road quite a bit. I created a travel unit for my kids because I didn't want them on media the whole time. I wasn't willing to sacrifice their brain cells in exchange for fear of boredom. There's SO much to see on the road and I wanted them to look UP and OUT the window.

As a teacher, you can continue the fun adventures from your classroom into the summer months. For those students who are traveling on the road (or in the air) or just for everyday car rides (they can leave this in the car), here is a FUN and INEXPENSIVE activity that you can gift them to send them off for the summer.

All these items come out to about a little over $1 PER STUDENT!!! That fits right in my budget for this time of year!


Dry erase marker - Dollar Store
Binder Pouch - Walmart
Paper Clip for Spinner
Scrap of material for an eraser
One Die - optional (at my Dollar Store, it comes in a pack of 6)

If you want to get real fancy, you can buy them sheet protectors and a 3 ring binder... which would make it more expensive OR you can just send it home with a bow and have their parents put it together for them. Either way,  it's a fantastic gift that your students AND parents will enjoy all summer long!

Here is a post of how I used these products:

I combined these two products for my kids. There were many "In the Air" activities that worked well for land travel as well.

On the Road Again Blog Post
In the Air Tonight Blog Post

You can purchase the Little Travelers Bundle with includes both these resources.

Hope that this can help you out a bit with all the end of the year craziness and spending.

Take care!



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  3. in Newfoundland and the conference advisor gave me a coffee dining table book. Too large to suit in my carry-on,