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How Do I Get Parents and Students to Remember Things?

Hi All!

Do your students ever forget to tell their parents about signing forms, events, due dates, or _________ (fill in the blank)?

Every year I have students forget about picture day, emergency forms,  or turning in school fundraiser slips/money/whatever else. I then talk to the parents and they always say that they never got the note. Ahhh.....THE note. We go searching into the abyss (aka the student's backpack) and find a crumbled mess padding the bottom of the bag.

I go through this EVERY.YEAR.

You always have "that one". You know which one. You can picture him/her right now. {sigh} The one who always utilizes your "extra" copies. EVERYONE has brought in their permission slips/forms/money/whatever back but not THIS special angel. Ohhhh no. She/he is the reason you make extra copies, so you don't have to send a note to your neighboring teacher asking for HER extra copies.

I used to send MORE notes home to replace the other notes that were lost/eaten/thrown away.  It was dumb.

Then I came up with a solution!

Introducing.... my You've Been Banned resource!

These bands are made in black in white to save ink on your printer. All you have to do is print them on colored paper, cut, and you are done!

I sat down and brainstormed all the things that I would need reminders for in my class.  Things that I have sent multiple letters home for..that never really made it home. Things that students forgot about.. like picture day, money due, fundraisers, etc.  I came up with a big list and added Celebration Bands, too. I love the thought of the Celebration Bands because 1) I wanted an easy way to celebrate a student's accomplishment. I don't always have time to fill out a little award and 2) I wanted to acknowledge these students in front of their peers. (During recess or lunch others will ask what that gold band around their wrist says/means).  Public recognition. Kids love that.

I thought you could differentiate the reminders and celebratory bands by only copying the celebrations on gold/yellow paper (or cardstock for durability).  That way when students get a "GOLD band" they know that they are celebrating something. :)

Currently there are 31 Reminder Bands and 15 Celebration Bands BUT this is a growing resource! That means that I will be adding new bands and if you purchase this resource, you will get FREE updates for LIFE! So if you have any ideas or bands that you want to see created, let me know and if enough people want it, I make it and you have it!

Just in case you were wondering what is included, here is a list.

Here are some close ups:

**TIP: Print them on bright colorful paper!

What I love most is that you can staple these colorful little reminders on a student's wrist and not hope/cross your fingers/pray that they will remember to tell their parents about the field trip money that's due or that library book that they've had for months that needs to be brought back to school. PARENTS are the ones that will ask what that little thing around their wrist is all about.

I love that you can gently remind that student who ALWAYS forgets to bring their homework or project or forgets that they have Show and Tell the next day and you've already slotted a time for them to share. Instead of screaming in your head, pulling your hair out getting a little frustrated, you can grit your teeth  just smile nicely, give them a reminder band at the end of the day, and send them home.

Is this a cure all? No. Will students ever forget again? Of course! But at least you have a better chance with these Reminder Bands as oppose to sending students home and watching them walk away knowing that they will forget to ______________ (you fill in the blank).

I hope you will give these Reminder and Celebration Bands a try. I mean, what have you got to lose?

Have a great school year Friends!



  1. This is actually a clever idea. As I was reading your post, I could easily think of several students last year who would have benefited from this product! I am sure I will have some more of those little lovelies this year too!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

    1. Thank you so much Jamie. I know that I had some kids last year that could have desperately used this, too! Too bad I didn't think of it then! Haha!