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Hello Friends!

I am so happy to announce that I have bundled my 2nd grade Houghton Mifflin units! It is EVERYTHING that you will need for the ENTIRE school year! ENNNNTIIIRE. Really. I have had many people request that I bundle these resources together and so I thought it was time to finally get to filling that request.

Now that we have adopted Common Core into our classrooms, there was just oooone problem. Our language arts curriculum was not aligned with CC and so how were we suppose to teach the new standards with old curriculum? That is just no bueno! BUT WAIT. A crazy idea came into my head about 2 years ago to create my own activities that were aligned to the Common Core. Seriously. It was CRAY-ZEE! I began to create and sell and the demand grew. So I created more and sold and the feedback I got were far too kind. Now many months later, my first pair of glasses, endless nights of my sweet hubby taking over my mommy duties, and 1200+ pages later... I am thrilled to post this product at a discounted price of $14 off the regular prices of all 6 themes.

As you begin planning for the next school year, let me take care of language arts for you. I promise, this will be the BIGGEST time saver EVER!

Wanna take a peak?  (WARNING...LOTS of pictures ahead)

Here are the contents of each theme:

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

You're halfway there!

Theme 4

Still with me?? Almost done....

Theme 5

Last one...promise

Theme 6

WOW! If you are still with me, you deserve ((BIG hugs))

You can see that there is A LOT to these units. It will last you all year long with VERY little prep... just a copy machine maybe. :)

Have a wonderful day and try and stay cool Friends! 


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