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Bears and a SALE

Hmmm... what do these things have in common?

NOTHING! Well, except that I'm on vacation in Big Bear so I'm throwing a sale!

Off the topic here... but since we're friends I can share, right? Ok.

I HATE REALLY dislike expectations. You know what I mean? You have an idea of what you want things to look like or turn out ...and most of the time it's totally unrealistic. Or is that just me? Let me explain. I have been looking forward to our family trip to Big Bear for a couple of weeks now. I imagined our family happily driving up the mountain (happened), sitting by the nice stone fireplace when we got there (happened), kids falling asleep nicely (happened), <<Insert WARNING of things beginning to fall apart>> kids waking up and quietly playing while letting parents sleep (DID NOT happen), siblings getting along nicely (DID NOT happen), me smiling with my cup of hot coffee (coffee, yes......smiling, NO), kids speaking nicely to each other without whining (NO! NO! NO! DID NOT happen!!!) ..well... you get the picture. Are you crying yet??? Because I am.  So right now I am currently sitting in front of my computer with my headphones on and music blasting. This is the adult and MORE mature version of me plugging my ears and repeating, "I'm not listening to youuuuuuu!!!"

Mmmmmkay. I feel better. Thanks for listening, Friend, Totally needed that.

Back to the topic. SALE!!!

Oh my, I love sales! I can hardly resist them. A great deal on something that I *might*  need?? AWESOME..Buy it!  A great deal on something that I need? EVEN better....BUY it!!!

So here I am, sharing with you a great deal. I just finished my latest resource. It is my Houghton Mifflin unit for first grade. It is 240+ pages of rigorous work with fun and engaging activities laced throughout the unit. It has thinking maps, teacher cheat sheets, teacher guided questions, depth and complexity icons, and can be used easily for The Daily 5 or any literacy center that you have in place. AND it's on sale!!!! Here is a sneak peak....

There is something for EVERY story, even the Read Alouds.

Here is a closer look

I love my Skip and Scan! My kids love working together to find the answers in the text. I'm serious. They get to sit anywhere in the room just as long as they are using their "spy talk" voices. We begin by using the worksheets with the page numbers, then after a couple of weeks we use the one WITHOUT the page numbers. My Firsties can do it!!!

Text Dependent worksheets to add some rigor. Notice the depth and complexity icon? I love using them!!!

There's a worksheet on the comprehension skill and strategy that each story focuses on.

Vocabulary cards for each story with realistic pictures. This has been helpful not only for my language learners...but for ALL my learners. 

Teacher guided questions..... This one has a FREEBIE!! Yay!!

Bubble Map with 2 different levels....

I am so excited for this product mainly because I felt that our old language arts curriculum didn't have enough rigor in it. There is SO much changing in education and I found very little resources for our old curriculum that helped teachers with this shift.  I felt that I needed to create worksheets/activities to reflect these changes and to step up the rigor. I am so happy with this product and I know that you will be,too.

If you know anyone who still uses the old HM curriculum, I would love for you to pass my resource along. Just make sure that they download the previews to make sure that it's the same curriculum series. I would hate to have someone purchase it and stories not match up.

Sale ends tomorrow, so go grab it... like NOW!! :)

Sounds like the whining and crying has died down. It may be time to take off the headphones... *maybe* :)

Have a fantastic day, Friends!


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