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Burlap Pencil Banner Tutorial, My Face.... book (that is), AND MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hello Friends,

I begin back at work in about a week. That means that I have one.more.week to relax. This marks the end of summer and I'm in mourning. Yes, I will be wearing black this next week... while I set up my classroom.... in 1000 degrees weather. I don't even care. I'm wearing black because I want everyone to know that it's a crime, A CRIME to start school so early when you know all the kids (and me, too) will be looking longingly out of the classroom window daydreaming of swimming, beach days, and sleeping in. It really is hard to go back to school in the first week of August. By the time Fall rolls around, we are basically BEGGING for a break and CRAWLING towards Christmas vacation.... and that's just the teachers! Ha!

Before I get to the tutorial, I want to share with you some exciting news that has a bit to do with it! My blog FINALLY has a Facebook page!! YAY!!! I knoooow, I'm probably behind the times here, but I went back and forth deciding if I was responsible enough to have a Facebook page for Lights, Camera, Teach. After talking to a few of my TPT friends, it seems like that was the way to go.  SOOOOOO to celebrate, I will be doing my FIRST EVAH GIVEAWAY, awaaaay, waaaaay ((echo, echo, echo)).  You won't want to miss what I'm giving away... TRUST ME! :)  Can you guess the connection between the tutorial and the giveaway? Read on dear friends!

Today I want to share with you something that I've seen floating around Pinterest. Ahhhh, Pinterest. It's a love/hate relationship. You see, I begin looking at all these fantastic ideas in the beginning of summer and start pinning like a mad woman! "I'm gonna be SO awesome this summer!!!!!!" I says to myself.  THEN by the time when school is about to start, I'm feeling pretty loserish <---- (red underline tells me that it's not a word, BUT it IS because I just made it up right now!).  You know the feeling. The one that tells you you stink because you didn't do everything you pinned?? OR if you did take on a project, it didn't come out the way the picture shows. Sheesh! Talk about false advertising! I should have known that 2 wooden pallets and a box of mason jars could NOT make my daughter a cute playhouse! Ha! And...AND... I believe that Pinterest is enabling me to continue in my hoarding ways. Hello, my name is Angela and I'm a virtual hoarder. OK, we can now move on.

I did take on a project that I felt that I couldn't screw up could do fairly easy. I want to share it with you here since I don't think you could screw it up, either. And if you do, then you probably shouldn't be doing ANY projects. Kidding...KID-DING!!!!

I made this A-DOR-A-BLE banner for my writing wall!

Here is how I did it:

I got this burlap roll from Hobby Lobby.  I didn't want to be cutting a lot so the width was perfect. Remember? EA-SY is what I need.

I got this twine from Lowe's.

I used regular tempera paint: Yellow, black, red, and white. I didn't have pink on hand for the eraser part so I mixed the red and white and it came out great! If you have pink then you can use that instead.

I wanted my pencils kinda big (9.5"x4.5") since it was going to be the header for my writing wall. You can adjust the size if you want but this tutorial is for my size.

I rolled out the burlap and measured at 10.5" (I'm leaving an inch to fold over).


Then fold length-wise... or like I say in my classroom "hot dog style",

Measure 3". You are making the "point" of the pencil.



You will need to make a fold over for the twine to go through. Measure 1" on the straight side.


 Ok, so I'm going to jump WAAAAAY ahead here in my pictures because my camera ran out of batteries and I just COULD.NOT.WAIT to finish this cute banner! So I painted it and let it dry while my camera charged. We are all pretty smart. I'm sure we can figure out what I did here. If not, I will explain and pray for you. :)

I used a sponge brush to paint the pencils. I felt that it gave me the width that I needed. I got these at Michael's (wooden handle). I bought some Dollar Store cheapies (red handle) and they were so flimsy. NO BUENO.

1. I painted the yellow first
2.Then I painted the eraser and left a small space before I got to the yellow.
3. Waited a bit for it to dry. (cue Jeopardy music). It does dry pretty quickly. Maybe 15-20 mins? Go eat some chocolate and come back.
4. I painted the black line then the lead of the pencil.

After they all dried (It was late so I went to sleep and continued the next day), I used a thin paintbrush and painted the letters.

All done! Wait for it to dry.

Still waiting...

After it's all dried, flip it over and put your twine inside the fold.

Hot glue that baby! *TIP* Make sure you glue closer to the edge so that your string has room to move. Don't ask me how I came up with that tip. :/

Press.... Don't burn yourself like I did.  !!*#!*##!!!!  All for the sake of a stinkin' picture! I took one for the team. :)

VOILA! Oh goodness... PLEASE excuse my mess on the floor! BUT it's such a cute picture of the banner that you shouldn't be looking down there anyways! I have 3 kids. I'm tired. It's messy. Don't judge me.

 My models...

They work for Oreo cookies. I pay well.

If you don't have time to make these, or don't want to.... I have a solution!!!  Remember my NEW Facebook page I was telling you about? Or did you scroll down and not read anything I wrote until you hit the tutorial??? SHAME.ON.YOU! Hehe. I do that, too. :)

Soooo... you want this but don't want to/have time to make it? Head on over to my BRAND NEW Facebook page {here} to enter to WIN. You AND your friend can win one! All you have to do is tag a friend who you think would want one and "Like" me..... because I like you and it makes me feel good when people like me, too. :)  

Enjoy the rest of your summer!



  1. Seriously! You need to start an Etsy shop ASAP! Love this!!! I am going to go get some burlap tomorrow unless of course you wanna start an Etsy shop right this second and make me my very own, haha! :P So very creative though. I never would have thought to use paint on burlap.

    Teaching With Hope

  2. Yay!!! So glad that you like it! :) Thanks for looking! :)

  3. Amazing!!! I am a new teacher in a newly created Kindergarten position starting in approximately 2 weeks! Scared. To. Death. I am excited as well and I will be making this banner this weekend!!! Thanks so much for sharing.!!! Tori