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NOOOOOOO!!!! You Can't Make Me Go Back!!

Ok, sooooo... my title may be a bit "dramatic" about going back to school. Juuuusta bit. FINE! There are *some* that may say that I am dramatic (WHHAAATTT??!!! Meeeee??).  I like to call it.... "expressive". There was that one time when I was at the grocery store all stressed out trying to buy last minute food for a party and the bag boy told my best friend that I was, quote, fun to watch, unquote. Allllrighty little boy, just stick to bagging the groceries, mmmmkaaay?

 But I'm serious. I'm not even ready to go back.

I'm seeing all these happy posters at Target and Walmart and to be honest.... I ain't NEVER seen a kid smile like that while thinking of going back to school! The image I have is of parents skipping down the store back to school aisles while their kids follow sadly behind.  Don't know if you've seen this old Staples commercial but I absolutely LOVE it!

I'm looking on Instagram and all these teaching blogs...and man, am I the ONLY one who feels like I am not ready to go back?? These AWESOME teachers have their rooms all cutesyfied and colorful and mine? Well... my school begins in 2 weeks and so, maybe I haven't gone to school at all. Just maybe. Don't freak out though. I'm going in on Monday. I'm just trying the squeeeeeeze all the summer out of these next 2 weeks. Ya see, I used to be like this parent in this commercial, but ever since my kids got a bit older.. they are just plain FUN to have around! AND to top it all off, their school doesn't even start for another month!!! Not only do I have to find places for them, but I have to miss out on all the fun of watching them explore and play and grow and relax without running on the hamster wheel of "Hurry! Hurry! Do homework, go to practice, eat dinner... faster, faster, FASTER! Get dressed...lunches? Backpacks? Sign WHAT?? Due WHEN??!!" I hate this rushing life. Right about now is when homeschooling looks REAL good to me. Just sayin'.  Don't get me wrong, I DO love my job! I feel that I am called to teach and this job is perfect for who I am. I am excited to try new things and implement the common core this year (NO State Testing for 2nd grade!!!! Wooohoooo!!). I'm excited about organizing my classroom (before the kids come in and mess it up. KIIIIDDING. Kidding.). I'm looking forward to seeing my coworkers (I LOVE my friends!) and meeting my new kids and seeing my old ones. Man, I do miss them! BUT I am allowed to not wish away summer so quickly. Just trying to find a happy balance here.

I'm setting up my class next week and I've been getting MANY wonderful ideas from teacher blogs and Pinterest. We'll see how much I get done before I rush home to play with the kiddos. :)


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