Hi Friends!

I know.... when you saw the page titled "Freebies" your heart skipped a beat. It's like love at first sight, finding a $20 bill on the floor, or hitting all green lights on your drive home. I get it. That's me, too. That's why I'm dedicating a page to all your Freebie lovers out there....because really.... WHO doesn't love free??? Here are just some that I've created. Please check back often,  or even easier, follow my blog and it will notify you whenever I post something new.  Happy Freeloading (Freebie downloading! Ha! I JUST seriously made that up right now and I'm thinking that I'm a GENIUS!!! Lol).

Money and Making Change Freebie


This adorable Welcome Banner pennant can be used for SO many events...Back to School, Open House, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. With a couple of hole punches and some cute colorful ribbon, this banner will give a nice warm welcome to your guests/students.

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